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 For the past 3 decades, I have worked in multiple pharmacy care settings, hospital, retail, and ambulatory care. Having witnessed first hand the problems with our broken health care system and reliance on prescription medications as the solutions to acute and chronic disease, I am passionate about helping clients uncover the root cause of their suffering and take steps to heal naturally without medications.

I'm Sandra Wells.

a licensed pharmacist, certified functional medicine specialist, mental wellness and lifestyle coach, registered yoga teacher, published author, lover of german wirehaired pointers, and KOMBUCHA brewer!  As founder of Rx4LivingWell, Llc. and Wiredhaired Booch, Llc., I have created a space where I can help people find solutions to their many wellness concerns, but gut health is my passion!  That is why I started my own kombucha company with a unique brew that reduces the harsh carbonated feel, uses only organic teas and 100% real ingredients.  I would love to send you more information about Wiredhaired Booch; where to get it, new flavors, and my multi-faceted interests as these companies evolve. 

My areas of expertise include gut health, personalized supplementation and lifestyle modifications. I use the knowledge in these areas to help improve digestion, decrease brain fog, gain energy, and combat daily stress.


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