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       Here at Wirehaired Booch, we craft the finest Kombucha in small batches using only organic ingredients and pure filtered water. Discover the refreshing and healthful world of our kombucha flavors made with love and care locally in Winston-Salem, NC. We are passionate about creating kombucha that nourishes your body and delights your taste buds. We believe in the power of high quality ingredients and their ability to enhance the health benefits of our kombucha. Our commitment to using only the best ingredients ensures that every sip of our kombucha is a moment of pure goodness. Sandra Wells, founder and master brewer is passionate about gut health and educating people about the benefits of kombucha, so if you are new to the beverage and want to know more, click the button below.  Otherwise keep scrolling for more  information on our specific flavors!

Feed Your Gut, Fuel Your Life

Discover the enticing array of our handcrafted kombucha flavors, each carefully formulated to delight your taste buds and provide unique health benefits. From the invigorating Lemon-Ginger to the floral Hibiscus, the zesty Orange Bergamot, the antioxidant-rich Blueberry, and the bold and spicy Mango Habanero, our flavors are a testament to our commitment to exceptional taste and well-being. Explore the exciting range of our kombucha flavors, carefully curated to offer unique tastes and health benefits.

What is Kombucha


Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, hibiscus contributes to heart health and may help lower blood pressure.

Orange Bergamot

Bergamot: This citrus fruit adds a unique flavor and is a source of antioxidants, promoting overall wellness.


Bursting with antioxidants and vitamins, blueberries are great for brain health and may support heart health.


Lemon: Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, lemon provides immune support and aids in digestion.

Ginger: Known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties, ginger adds a spicy kick while soothing your stomach.


Mango: Besides being delicious, mangoes offer vitamins A and C, promoting immune function and healthy skin.

Habanero: Adding a fiery kick, habanero peppers contain capsaicin, which may boost metabolism and provide pain relief.